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The auditorium has retained the beautiful grand volume of the original chapel room and therefore it offers a lot of light and space. Directly above the entrance – on a solid wood balcony – you’ll find the fully restored and still functioning church organ. There is a direct passage from the chapel to the spacious courtyard with its cosy terrace, where you can sit and enjoy something to eat and drink when the weather allows it.

• dimensions (lxwxh): 25 x 10 x 9 meters
• maximum of 80 seats on the theatre-setup grandstand
• maximum of 25 standing places at the side of the stage (with high tables)

• height 60 centimeters
• size approx. 60 m2 (10 meters wide and 6 meters deep)
• the stage cannot be removed

Audiovisual equipment
With respect to vision, sound and lighting, everything can be set up following your requirements. We have a wireless handheld microphone, clip-on microphone and headset microphone available for you.

  An audio induction loop ensures that hearing impaired people will be fully able to participate in the gathering.

Above the stage is an electrical roll down projection screen with a size of 234 x 413 cm. Its projector with full HD resolution can be connected to:
• Your or our laptop
• A professional Blu-Ray player*
*The player can be found in the adjacent control room

Would you prefer another or a more intimate atmosphere? The grandstand and part of the stage can be fully enclosed by a 9-meters-tall curtain. You can even adjust the lighting to your wishes by means of a colour touch panel.



“It was a good workshop and we heard positive remarks.
Everybody liked the location and food.
Thank you for your hospitality!
For the next trail/s in May we will contact you again for availibility.”

  • Zeyniye Deveci | OakTreeMe

“An authentic location just steps away. Small-scale, which really makes you feel at home. Immersed in the green, ideal for an inspiring outdoor session. Lunch, informal gatherings, dinner – always something to look forward to. An eye for detail and an ear for suggestions.”

  • Cathelijne Niessen | Training & Development | DAF Trucks

The wonderful setting, spotless organisation, inspiring surroundings and relaxed atmosphere have made both participants and lecturers feel sufficiently ‘at ease’ to have a substantively extraordinarily useful discussion concerning the deployment and use of alternatives to animal testing. We have received many compliments on that from the participants."

  • Inga Wolframm | Veterinary Faculty | University Utrecht

“Annually, on ‘research day’, the scientific staff of the Faculty of Applied Physics discuss a prominent theme concerning the faculty’s research (direction of the faculty’s content, strategy, quality care…). The preparations as well as the rooms, the facilities on the spot and the support offered on the day itself were marvellous. Especially the restaurant deserves a compliment for the care with which it addressed certain dietary requirements. My final conclusion: marvellous day on a marvellous location, certainly worth repeating.

  • Paul Bezembinder | Education and research | Technical University Eindhoven

Meeting rooms | Sancta Maria en Reinier van Arkel

There are two meeting rooms in the basement of our conference centre. Combined with our auditorium, these rooms are the ideal break-out room for professional sessions in smaller groups. Due to the flexible set-up options and the presence of all required technological facilities, these rooms are eminently suitable for meetings in all shapes and sizes.

Reinier van Arkel
• dimensions (lxwxh): 9 x 8,2 x 3 meters
• two pillars in the room
• maximum of 40 seats in theatre-setup

Sancta Maria
• dimensions (lxwxh): 11,5 x 8,2 x 3 meters
• three pillars in the room
• maximum of 72 seats in theatre-setup

• dimensions (lxwxh): 20,5 x 8,2 x 3 meters
• five pillars in the room
• maximum of 120 seats in theatre-setup

Audiovisual equipment
Each room has electrical roll down projection screen with a size of 141 x 220 cm. On top of that, the following audiovisual equipment is available:
• Flip-over
• Whiteboard
• Wireless internet
• Amplifier with wireless microphone

Meeting rooms | Sancta Maria en Reinier van Arkel

Meeting rooms | Sancta Maria en Reinier van Arkel

Witte Hoeve

During your meeting, training or seminar, a wonderful lunch provides a welcome break. A short walk past the pond and through the green park takes you from the conference centre to the Witte Hoeve (White Farmhouse). This cosy extra lunch location gives the opportunity to take a moment of rest, after which you can resume your gathering with renewed energy.

On the first floor of the Witte Hoeve you will find the small-scale and cosy room De Schelft. This extra accommodation for meetings provides room for smaller groups of up to 15 people.

Witte Hoeve

Witte Hoeve