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About us

About us

V.l.n.r. Carin van Alphen (gastvrouw), Kasia Wasilewska (gastvrouw), Astrid Volkers (manager)

“Hospitality starts in the heart.”

Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven

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“It was a good workshop and we heard positive remarks.
Everybody liked the location and food.
Thank you for your hospitality!
For the next trail/s in May we will contact you again for availibility.”

  • Zeyniye Deveci | OakTreeMe

“An authentic location just steps away. Small-scale, which really makes you feel at home. Immersed in the green, ideal for an inspiring outdoor session. Lunch, informal gatherings, dinner – always something to look forward to. An eye for detail and an ear for suggestions.”

  • Cathelijne Niessen | Training & Development | DAF Trucks

The wonderful setting, spotless organisation, inspiring surroundings and relaxed atmosphere have made both participants and lecturers feel sufficiently ‘at ease’ to have a substantively extraordinarily useful discussion concerning the deployment and use of alternatives to animal testing. We have received many compliments on that from the participants."

  • Inga Wolframm | Veterinary Faculty | University Utrecht

“Annually, on ‘research day’, the scientific staff of the Faculty of Applied Physics discuss a prominent theme concerning the faculty’s research (direction of the faculty’s content, strategy, quality care…). The preparations as well as the rooms, the facilities on the spot and the support offered on the day itself were marvellous. Especially the restaurant deserves a compliment for the care with which it addressed certain dietary requirements. My final conclusion: marvellous day on a marvellous location, certainly worth repeating.

  • Paul Bezembinder | Education and research | Technical University Eindhoven

History Glorieuxpark

he park and gardens were ambitiously designed and laid out by landscape architect Jules Buyssens (1872-1958). The leafy park has gorgeous sightlines from De Burgh past the gardens and to the forest beyond. The large scenic pond has two little islands. The original moats of the old Burgh were used to lay out the pond.

Huize de Burgh
‘Huize de Burgh’ (The Burgh Mansion) was designed by architect Jos Cuypers and was built in 1912 for the Smits van Oyen family. In 1936, the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy bought the mansion as an aftercare accommodation for psychiatric patients. Because of the increasing amount of patients, the park was extended with a monastery, a kitchen and the St. Josephkapel (St. Joseph’s Chapel). Until the nineteen-eighties, the sisters stayed active in health care, but due to ageing, they now require care themselves. In 1982, the first Kloosterverzorgingshuis (Monastery nursing home) was set up on the St. Josephsburgh, which is the current Glorieuxpark.

The current organisations of Glorieuxpark arose from the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, which was founded in 1845 by Stefaan Modest Glorieux (1802 – 1872).

History Glorieuxpark

Father Glorieux cared for the poorest in a period when poverty was at its most poignant. The sisters, too, focused their work on caring for, supporting and teaching society’s most vulnerable people in Belgium, the Netherlands and Congo. Glorieuxpark strives to continue these works.

From chapel to Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven
Because of a strong decrease in membership, the congregation built a smaller chapel attached to the Kloosterverzorgingshuis. In 2000, the St. Josephkapel was let to the city of Eindhoven for a period of 10 years, during which it was used as a wedding hall. After this time, the chapel needed to be repurposed in a meaningful way, respecting the original setup and the size of the building. This resulted in Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven.

Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven deliberately chooses fair quality. That is why we have a sustainable sourcing policy and we choose products that are organic, sustainably produced, fair trade and/or recyclable.

For instance our coffee: from Redbeans – not only handpicked Arabica, but also organic, fair trade and climate neutral. We chose PUUR by La Trappe: an organic quality ale brewed with green power by the monks of De Koningshoeven brewery.



Our waste is collected separately, water is not wasted and we use recycled paper only. During our recent renovation, we chose to use sustainable options as much as possible. Our heat and cool air are generated sustainably by a heat pump and our toilets are flushed with collected rainwater.

We are convinced that, by reflecting before we make a decision, we can contribute to a better world.