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Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven is a unique location for your meeting or event.
To inspire, reflect and connect, immersed in nature.

Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven is a unique location for your meeting or event.

Our conference centre consists of an auditorium, two meeting rooms, a spacious reception area and an informal sitting room. These can be booked as a whole, but also separately if desired. 

The former monastery chapel from 1952 was modernised in 2011 and arranged as an auditorium, fully equipped with all modern technological audio, video and lighting facilities. The former altar now serves as a stage and in the chapel’s centre a grandstand offers seating to 80 people. This way, your seminar or product presentation will receive the attention it deserves. 

Of course, the grandstand is also accessible for people with reduced mobility.

There are two meeting rooms in our basement –  Reinier van Arkel and Sancta Maria – which can also be combined to form one room. Due to the flexible setup options and the presence of all necessary technological facilities, these rooms are eminently suitable for meetings in all shapes and sizes. 

Would you like to do something else, just to make a change? We even offer the option of having your meeting outside in nature!


“It was a good workshop and we heard positive remarks.
Everybody liked the location and food.
Thank you for your hospitality!
For the next trail/s in May we will contact you again for availibility.”

  • Zeyniye Deveci | OakTreeMe

“An authentic location just steps away. Small-scale, which really makes you feel at home. Immersed in the green, ideal for an inspiring outdoor session. Lunch, informal gatherings, dinner – always something to look forward to. An eye for detail and an ear for suggestions.”

  • Cathelijne Niessen | Training & Development | DAF Trucks

The wonderful setting, spotless organisation, inspiring surroundings and relaxed atmosphere have made both participants and lecturers feel sufficiently ‘at ease’ to have a substantively extraordinarily useful discussion concerning the deployment and use of alternatives to animal testing. We have received many compliments on that from the participants."

  • Inga Wolframm | Veterinary Faculty | University Utrecht

“Annually, on ‘research day’, the scientific staff of the Faculty of Applied Physics discuss a prominent theme concerning the faculty’s research (direction of the faculty’s content, strategy, quality care…). The preparations as well as the rooms, the facilities on the spot and the support offered on the day itself were marvellous. Especially the restaurant deserves a compliment for the care with which it addressed certain dietary requirements. My final conclusion: marvellous day on a marvellous location, certainly worth repeating.

  • Paul Bezembinder | Education and research | Technical University Eindhoven